If you have ever come across “NumberFormatter Class Not Found” error when installing a PHP Laravel application on a Windows or Linux server, this article will help you resolve this issue.

Let’s explore in this article the cause for the error class "numberformatter" not found in PHP Laravel,...

When using Laradock, by accessing the container Workspace I have sometimes received the following error when trying to execute PHP composer:

COMPOSER_AUTH" does not match the expected JSON schema, this may result in errors and should be resolved:  
   - Boolean value found, but an object is required  

According to...

In an installation of Laradock, to run the Docker environment in a Mac Silicon Computer (MacBook Pro or M1) Following the steps below, Apache2 does not go up, showing error exited code2:

Steps to reproduce

  1. git clone [email protected]:laradock/laradock.git
  2. cd laradock
  3. cp .env.example .env
  4. docker-compose build workspace...

After validating data entry forms, which return to the user with information from the errors that should be corrected, the best practice is to fill the fields with the last (old) values, but is not possible to apply this techinique to upload field files, both in Laravel PHP and in any other language.

This is a browse...


What are “semantic commits” or “conventional commits”

Semantic Commits, also known as conventional commits, are the best way to document your implementation of applications, as you check context to the management of change of your source code. Semantic commits are considered good practice in the...


By executing ESLINT in a JavaScript code, Nodejs or Expressjs, we can find the error “unexpected string concatenation” or “Unexpeted String Concatenation”.

This lint points to a possible code that manipulates string concatenation, which was written in order to result in a difficult reading....