This is a quick tip to easily install sources on Debian based Linux, such as Ubuntu or Mint.

Beyond the good practice of installing True Type fonts compatible with Windows, there is also the possibility of installation by a downloaded file (download) on your machine.

In this article you learn how to install not only True Type fonts, but any other that can download for manual installation.

Installing fonts with apt-get

The best option is to use the apt-get command, which uses the installation package directly from the official operating system repository:

sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

This way you need to have access root to the system as you will use the sudo command to install the sources.

Manual installation of fonts on Linux

There is the option of downloading files in .ttf format and install to your user, without the need to execute commands using administrator permissions.

To install the fonts manually on your Linux Ubuntu ou Mint operating system, follow the steps

  1. Create a directory named .fonts in your personal folder (user home), using the terminal command line:
cd ~
mkdir .fonts
  1. In this directory copy, or download, all font files you want to have installed and available to your user

  2. After downloading the files in this directory, run the following command:

fc-cache -f -v

This command “informs” the operating system Linux that these fonts should be used by the applications by performing it.

Applications that are open at the time you run the command should be closed and opened again to identify the new fonts installed.

Do not forget that when doing the installation using the second option, the manual installation, the fonts will be available only to the applications in the environment (session) of your user. If another user logs on the same computer, these fonts may not be available to it.