Cinnamon is a window manager, free and open source desktop manager for X Window System that derives from GNOME 3. Very efficient but it can happen eventually that Cinnamon use too many computational resources.

It is the main desktop manager environment of the distribution Linux Mint and is available as an optional desktop for other Linux distributions and other Unix type operating systems.

The problem to be solved in this article is related to Cinnamon.

Restart Cinnamon to release resources

After a few days without turning off the computer, desktop or notebook, Cinnamon eventually increases the consumption of resources, especially memory.

To solve this problem, a quick control tip, simply run on the terminal command line:

cinnamon --replace

You can run this command even if you are not using administrator powers.

This command sends the HUP signal that will fire the Reset of Cinnamon, yet preserving the open windows and the applications they are performing.

Reference: How do I start Cinnamon from tty?

gvfsd-metadata using too many resources at Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Another problem of use with many resources I realized was with the system process gvfsd-metadata.

It is a process that collects file metadata when using Nautilus.

Sometimes the metadata is corrupted leading the gvfsd-metadata process to enter on an infinite loop. Thus it ends up using too much CPU features.

Correcting the gvfsd-metadata metadata

To correct this problem just finish (end) the process and delete the corrupted files.

Do not worry about this exclusion, it does not bring any loss of essential data.

Run the commands below in terminal and check the CPU use drop:

pkill gvfsd-metadata rm -rf .local/share/gvfs-metadata

Upon discovering this problem on my notebook, the temperature of the processors that were in the 76-celsius degree range dropped to 57 in less than five minutes.

Do you also have problems with Cinnamon using many features from your Linux operating system? Comment below, send your tips.