Programming paradigms are different approaches or styles of programming that provide a set of principles, concepts, and practices to solve computational problems. A programming paradigm defines the way in which a programmer structures and organizes code to build software applications.

There are several programming...


I participated in a Business to Business (B2B) project, where I was part of the team that developed the backoffice platform, and another team developed Frontoffice (the e-commerce store). Each part of the platform - Back and Front Office needed to exchange data and it was necessary to establish a numbering rounding...

Back office and Front office are sets of activities and responsibilities in managing a business, and can be performed by teams of their own or outsourced in companies. In the context of software systems and applications, it is possible to adapt the service of solutions on different platforms, which interact with each...

If you want to set up the Best environment for software development in Linux Mint (or Ubuntu and other Debian based distros), this is the right article for this.

Every software developer organizes their development environment for programming using a mix of technologies and tools to use to program, improve productivity...


By executing ESLINT in a JavaScript code, Nodejs or Expressjs, we can find the error “unexpected string concatenation” or “Unexpeted String Concatenation”.

This lint points to a possible code that manipulates string concatenation, which was written in order to result in a difficult reading....


Where to find open data for statistical analyzes, seed databases with initial data or even create auxiliary tables for certain business areas? The developer community works hard to create repositories that offer data to meet these needs, how about checking and contributing to these repositories.


A quick and straightforward tutorial that demonstrates how to generate random numbers in C language.

You can use the same functions to work with C++.

The motivation came from the need of my programming students, especially from courses not directly linked with computer science, such as those of Electrical Engineering....


Random numbers are useful for a wide variety of situations, such as generating data encryption keys, simulating and modeling complex phenomena and selecting random samples from larger data sets.

Random numbers have also been used aesthetically, for example, in literature and music and for games and bets.

However, it is...


Whether in a corporate, private or public environment, or in an academic environment, understanding the difference between methodology, method, process and technique is essential to achieve high levels of quality and productivity in your daily life.


Threads, in C, C++, Java, PHP, Python or any other programming language, are independent execution flows from the same program.

Threads are functions that run at “background”, ie, while the program performs the main() function - in C, a thread may be running while main() in parallel.

So we can say that...