Series of tutorials to teach how to use Laradock, which is a set of scripts organized in a project to use Docker containers easily for PHP and Laravel developers.

As with any essential software project back up database data, as well as restore these backups, your MySQL or Mariadb databases, as well as PostgreSQL.

When you are working with the developmental environment of your Laravel PHP projects in Laradock Docker containers, it is important to understand how the directories...

When using Laradock, by accessing the container Workspace I have sometimes received the following error when trying to execute PHP composer:

COMPOSER_AUTH" does not match the expected JSON schema, this may result in errors and should be resolved:  
   - Boolean value found, but an object is required  

According to...

In an installation of Laradock, to run the Docker environment in a Mac Silicon Computer (MacBook Pro or M1) Following the steps below, Apache2 does not go up, showing error exited code2:

Steps to reproduce

  1. git clone [email protected]:laradock/laradock.git
  2. cd laradock
  3. cp .env.example .env
  4. docker-compose build workspace...

The Laravel database connection using Laradock is very straightforward and intuitive with MySQL or Mariadb database servers in a Laravel PHP project when using Laradock Project Docker containers.

But some tips and reminders are important to prevent you from wasting time when preparing your environment of developing a...


Learn now how to install and configure Laradock, which is, as presented in the Introductory Article, a project for quick and simple configuration of PHP Web Systems Development Environments using Docker.

In this tutorial article, we will see more in detail how to install and configure a Laradock environment to work by...


Laradock is a complete web development environment for Docker, which was born to meet the development of Laravel systems and currently provides containers for various situations for PHP development.

It supports a variety of common services, all pre-configured to provide a PHP development environment,...