How to Check if Redis is Running

Redis is an open-source, in-memory data structure store. It is used to store data in a fast and efficient way. To check if Redis is running on your system, you can use the following methods:

How to check if Redis is running on Linux Ubuntu, Mint and Debian

Open a terminal and run the following command:


As with any essential software project back up database data, as well as restore these backups, your MySQL or Mariadb databases, as well as PostgreSQL.

When you are working with the developmental environment of your Laravel PHP projects in Laradock Docker containers, it is important to understand how the directories...


The Laravel database connection using Laradock is very straightforward and intuitive with MySQL or Mariadb database servers in a Laravel PHP project when using Laradock Project Docker containers.

But some tips and reminders are important to prevent you from wasting time when preparing your environment of developing a...


Where to find open data for statistical analyzes, seed databases with initial data or even create auxiliary tables for certain business areas? The developer community works hard to create repositories that offer data to meet these needs, how about checking and contributing to these repositories.


Broadly, the concept of Reverse Engineering applied to systems and databases can be defined as: “the process of deriving the logical specifications of computer system components from their physical description (source code and tables, fields and indexes) with the help of automated tools”.

Software and...


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Video Lesson that presents how to connect MongoDB Atlas to the Software Customer Robo 3T.

To learn how to create a MongoDB...


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Video class that describes the context of creating and using MongoDB Atlas cloud service and how to create a cluster to use in software projects (Portuguese).

What is Mongodb Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is a cloud service that allows the developer to set up a MongoDB server infrastructure without the...