GitHub is a free service for software project repositories, but as is based on GIT versioning, any kind of file, especially text, can be used, and developers always take advantage of these tools to make them in something beyond the main objective.

There are several repositories with valuable lists for developers, interface designers and other IT professionals. You just need to know where to look.

This article presents a series of Github’s most valuable repositories for developers.

Github repositories

Awesome Data Table References

Opening the list I present a repository of my responsibility, where I curate references to opendata of Brazilian and world organizations.

Whenever it is necessary to create a field of choice of municipalities, Brazilian states, search for zip code (CEP), identification by race or color, developers find themselves by building this data manually, often with various codes of base registration tables.

Currently the repository provides data files to download in original CSV, XLS, SDG, XML or JSON versions.

The repository is constantly updated with improvements, and one of the roadmap items is the organization in ready -made data models, with SQL Dump to easily be incorporated into mysql, postgoli, mongodb, etc.

Organizations with available data: IBGE, INEP, Brazilian Government.


If you are a developer, you have probably heard of the Awesome lists.

Each Awesome repository is a selected list of technologies, plug-ins and other features for a specific technology.

The repository referenced here is an organized list of all Awesome repositories in Github.Want a PHP or Laravel list? Dart or Flutter? Git? The Awesome repository has.

Wow, this is awesome !!

Awesome Design Patterns

A repository that organizes an awesome list with sources of study for design patterns in software and architecture in various software engineering and application development topics.

If you are a beginner in Information Technology, you should go deep into these concepts, theories and techniques.If you are an expert and senior professional, why not review or deepen concepts that do not apply daily.

Some of the topics covered by the list:

  • Programming language design patterns
  • General Architecture
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Micro services & Distributed Systems
  • Internet of things
  • Big Data
  • Databases and storage
  • DevOps & containers
  • Mobile
  • Front End Development
  • Security

App Ideas

There is no better way to learn to code than building something.

It follows a line similar to the Project Based Learning repository, but focuses on presenting project ideas, which is not always easy to define.

In this way the Ideas app repository brings a list of application ideas you can use to improve your programming skills.

Big List of Naughty Strings

Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings that have a high probability of causing problems when the user inserts them. Useful for testing your software and potentially discovering underlying problems.

Coding Interview University

The repository is a step-by-step plan for web developers who want to become a software engineer. It is a list with curator of resources that teaches computer science and prepares you for technology interviews.

Listed items will prepare you well for a technical interview in virtually any software company, including giants: Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

In the repository itself you can find link to translation in several languages such as Portuguese and Spanish.

Free For Dev

Next list is the Free For Dev, it is a free list for developers,Saas - software as a service, Paas - platforms a service and Iaas - infrastructure as a service, which have free plans for developers.

To enter the list, the free level of the service cannot be a test and, if limited in time, should last at least one year.The list has a useful index to quickly find what you are looking for.

Free Programming Books

Free Programming Books does exactly what its name says. It is a list of free ebooks in a large number of technologies and a wide range of languages.

Want to know more about Elasticsearch? There is a free book for this. Markdown? There is a free book for this. NEO4J?Yes, there is a free book for that. Of course, a series of free books on programming languages are available

Front-End Checklist

Front-End Checklist is a control list for any and all web developer.

An elaborate checklist of all the elements you need to have and test before putting your site in production. Each element comes with a tag classifying as Recomed, Highly recommended and ** cannot be omitted**.


Gitignore is a collection of .gitignore motemplates that work well with programming languages, structures, tools or specific environments.

The repository is very well organized, being categorized in root folder templates, global templates for IDES, tools and operating systems and community templates for more specific use cases.

JavaScript Algorithms

JavaScript Algorithms has a list of popular algorithms and data structures, implemented in JavaScript.

Each code has its own readme file that explains how it works, as well as links to future readings and deepening.

It is an excellent repository for learning, not just JavaScript but mainly of logical programming structures, such as: linked lists, binary trees, hash tables, graphs, etc.

JavaScript Questions

And if you are looking for features for the language of the moment, the Javascript repository Questions is a list of questions that tests how well you know JavaScript.

This is a great repository to study and update your knowledge of JavaScript.

The questions range from basic to advanced as you advance on the list.

Laravel Best Practices

Laravel Best Practices is a repository that organizes, in various languages, good programming practices to be applied to applications developed in the Laravel PHP framework.

It is an excellent consultation place to improve architecture, readability and stability of the code of its programs, or even to adopt as standardization of good practices in development teams.

NodeJs Best Practices

It is a summary of the best classified content about the best practices of Node.js, as well as some content that the repository employees wrote.This repository features a growing list of over 80 recommended practices, style guides and architectural tips.

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is a list of programming tutorials where the goal is to learn a programming language by building an application from scratch.

The list is organized by programming languages, choose yours, make a fork of the repo and start learning.

Public APIs

Public APIs I would say it’s one of my favorite repositories.

It is a collection of free apis in a wide variety of categories.

In the list you find from cat facts to an API that tracks delays in the Lisbon Metro.Many of government data to an API that serves random images of food dishes.


Sometimes creating an entire application (TODO list) is not a project idea.

Following the same line as the Ideas app, the RealWorld enters.

The repository helps build an exact clone with different front-end and back-end.

A great repository if you want to intensify learning with an excellent project.

Tech Interview Handbook

The repository is dedicated to technical interviews. This is for those who are new in technology interviews, but who want to get a job at a technology company. Unlike other technical interview repositories, this repository is not linked to other resources.Instead, it has all useful information directly within the repository.


JavaScript is a relatively simple development language. But it certainly has its peculiarities. WTFJS, inspired in this video conference, It is a collection of these peculiarities. These peculiarities are great for deepening your understanding of JavaScript.

You Don’t Need

You Don’t Need is a list of frameworks or programming languages or other tools you probably need not as a programmer.

For example, you may not need JQuery if you are only aiming at modern browsers.Or you may not need JavaScript for any effect that CSS can perform for you.

I hope the post has helped to know a new source of useful knowledge in the Github repositories for developers on this list.And as the world is collaboration, don’t forget to comment by suggesting new repositories.

Do not forget to store this article as it will be constantly updated with new useful repositories.

Reference - 19 Must-Know GitHub Repos for Programmers