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VSCode Extensions for Developers

Visual Studio Code, or VS Code, is one of the source code editors (IDE) most popular software developers use. To increase the productivity of your software development project, you can (should/should) use the best VS Code extensions, and I bring them to you in this article.

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You get a great out-of-the-box (out of the box) experience when using the VSCode IDE to develop software or web pages. However, as a developer, you can always go further by improving functionality with extensions.

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That's why Microsoft brings you the VSCode Marketplace, your go-to destination for all kinds of VS IDE extensions. Below I list the ones that help me improve my day-to-day in software development, both in terms of source code writing productivity and in connection actions with remote database services, tests or APIs.

VSCode extensions to improve development environment

Settings Sync

Let's start with an extension Settings Sync which guarantees productivity through safety. It ensures that your settings are synchronized so that you can change machines or reinstall your operating environment, without having to completely reconfigure your IDE with each new installation.

It syncs all your VSCode extensions, and the complete user folder, which contains: configuration file, Keybindings file, execution file, Snippets folder, extensions settings and the Workspaces folder.

The settings sync configuration page will open automatically when you launch the editor, and ask for two things to configure:

  • GitHub Token
  • GitHub ID Gist
    • The GitHub Token needs to be retrieved by your GitHub account while Settings Sync creates the GIST if you are a new user.

Final considerations

It is undeniable that the use of extensions in any software development environment increases productivity, and what is better, customization for each professional to work in the way they find most comfortable.

The list is just beginning, help by commenting on your favorite extensions, and good code to you.

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