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Video class that describes the context of creating and using MongoDB Atlas cloud service and how to create a cluster to use in software projects (Portuguese).

What is Mongodb Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is a cloud service that allows the developer to set up a MongoDB server infrastructure without the need for server installation and management for this. In this way, the project development team can focus on software development without investing time in the maintenance of infrastructure servers.

To learn how to connect the 3T robo customer installed to the service, read this article.

The service is affirmed as a global cloud database for modern applications. MongoDB deployment fully managed at AWS, Azure or GCP. With the best practices and automation of the category ensuring availability, scalability and compliance with the most demanding data security and privacy standards.

The official website defines it’s product as a Daas - Database as a service, having it’s initial quote from the official page:

Be more efficient with a cloud MongoDB service. Created for agile teams who prefer to spend time by creating applications than managing databases. Available at AWS, Azure and GCP.

The service has accessible values for free input projects and free version for testing and projects in the early stages of development or a small number of customers.

Creating a cluster with MongoDB Atlas cloud service is a simple task that allows you in many ways, from testing and data modeling unmoded document-oriented data, application development with this solution as Backend.

The main site also brings a service comparison from Mongodb emulations with Amazon Documentdb, Cosmos DB and more.

Click here to access the main site of Mongodb Atlas.