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How to resolve “COMPOSER_AUTH” does not match the expected JSON schema in Laradock

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when using Laradock, accessing the Workspace container I have sometimes received the second error when trying to run php composer:

"COMPOSER_AUTH" does not match the expected JSON schema, this may result in errors and should be resolved: - Boolean value found, but an object is required  

Second this issue of the Laradock project, the problem was fixed in the project's core, but if you're still faced with the same, there's a simple way to get around it until you update your containers.

The steps are:

  1. Access the workspace container command line
  2. export COMPOSER_AUTH environment variable with no value
  3. run the composer command

Here's an example:

docker-compose exec --user=laradock workspace bash export COMPOSER_AUTH= composer update

Exactly as shown in the second line, the COMPOSER_AUTH variable must be left without an explicit value.

This one technological work around temporarily solves the problem and allows you to continue your development

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