Learning to program is a challenging journey, especially with the continuous evolution of technology. The good news is that it’s not a path you’re expected to traverse without guidance. Here are some valuable tips that can help you transform from an apprentice to a professional developer.

🎯 Immersion: The best way to learn to program is by PROGRAMMING

Learning to program is like learning a new language. You’re not expected to learn all the grammar before starting a conversation. On the contrary, you’re encouraged to speak as much as possible from the very first lesson. You’re urged to read and listen to the first dialogues, repeat them multiple times until you internalize the knowledge, and then move on. Programming can be learned in a similar way. Immersion is a critical part of learning and the best way to learn programming is simply to start coding.

🤔 Problem Understanding: READ the problem and understand WHAT needs to be done

Before creating any software, it’s essential to fully understand the problem being solved. If you can’t solve the problem in your mind, it will be impossible to program the solution. This is the heart of programming - the ability to understand and demystify complex problems.

✂ Divide and Conquer: Divide the problem into solvable parts

The age-old saying of “divide and conquer” is incredibly relevant in programming. By breaking down a complex problem into smaller, manageable components, you can isolate and solve each part of the problem individually. This approach makes identifying viable and effective solutions much easier.

🐞 Always Test: Write small code snippets and test them until they’re correct before MOVING FORWARD

It’s easier to identify and correct errors in small, concise chunks of code than it is to look for errors in thousands of lines of complex code. Make it a habit to write and test small chunks of code. This practice allows you to quickly identify issues and make the necessary corrections before moving on to the next part of the code.

⌨ Training = Repeating: The best way to learn to program is by PROGRAMMING

Repetition is a critical aspect of learning. Just like learning a new language, repetition is key to internalizing and improving your programming skills.

✅ Review Your Code: READ the error messages carefully and LEARN to review your code

It’s important to understand that errors are part of the learning process. Before asking for help, try to check your code. Often, the errors are simple and easy to correct, like a typing mistake, the absence of a semicolon at the end of the command line, or a parenthesis or apostrophe in the wrong place.

📝 Use Examples: Read and study code from others

There is an abundance of quality code available on the internet. Searching for solutions similar to the small problems in your system can be an effective way to learn. Study and adapt these examples to your needs. However, avoid just copying and pasting codes. Without proper understanding of the underlying logic, the code won’t help in your context, even if it seems suitable.


Programming isn’t just about writing code; it’s based on concepts and theories that are fundamental to understanding the programming process. Learn the concepts that underpin programming languages, methods, and processes. This theoretical foundation is a fundamental pillar for the evolution from an apprentice to a quality professional.

♻ Practice: The best way to learn to program is by PROGRAMMING

This point can’t be emphasized enough. There is no theory without practice. The journey to becoming a competent developer depends on the application of theory through constant practice. Study, understand, and most importantly, repeat the process many times. The formula is simple: the more hours you dedicate to programming, the faster you transform from an apprentice to a professional developer.

Lastly, I would like to add one more tip:

🌱 Patience and Persistence

Learning to program is a journey, not a race. It’s important to be patient with yourself and persist even when the path seems challenging. Learning a new skill takes time and practice, and programming is no exception. When things get tough, remember that every hurdle is a learning opportunity.

Final considerations

These are the tips that I consider fundamental for anyone starting the journey of programming. Keep the passion for learning, always be open to new knowledge, and remember that the best way to learn to program is indeed by programming. Happy learning!