Awesome Data Table References

Awesome Data Table References is a repository of my responsibility, where I curate references to open data tables from Brazilian and world institutions.

Whenever it is necessary to create a field of choice of municipalities, Brazilian states, search for zip code, identification by race or color, developers find themselves by building this data manually, often with various codes of base registration tables.

Currently the repository provides data files to download in original CSV, XLS, SDG, XML or JSON versions.

The repository is constantly updated with improvements, and one of the roadmap items is the organization in ready made data models, with SQL Dump to easily be incorporated into MySQL, SQLite, PostgresSQL, MongoDB, etc.

Organizations with available data: IBGE, INEP, Brazilian Government.

BCB - Brazilian central bank

Data organization from the Brazilian Central Bank, some stored as a mirror of the original data for ease of access. Some sets of reorganized data from a series of data available in statistics and open data.

Bancos do Brasil

Download of the codes and ISPB table of Brazilian banking institutions.

Source BCB, based on the list of participants in the compensation system

IBGE - Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics)

Data organization from IBGE, some are stored in the repository for ease of access, as IBGE has a confusing organization and navigation on its websites.

Access IBGE data

DTB - Divisão Territorial Brasileira (Brazilian territorial division)

The IBGE municipal codes table presents the list of Brazilian municipalities associated with a code composed of 7 digits, the first two referring to the code of the Federation Unit.

It is systematically updated in order to include the changes resulting from the unfolding of municipalities and, consequently, the creation of new municipalities, changes in the name of municipalities, as well as fusion processes that result in the extinction or modification of the name of some municipality.

Download of DTB.

Source IBGE

Race and color

Simple table with race and color codes used in IBGE research.

Download of the raca_cor file.


Curated and organized datasets without official reference sources.

Gender Identity

Simple table with gender identity codes for registering people.

Download of the file genero